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Economical, environment friendly solutions to your pallet problems.

Frank's Pallet Service (FPS) has been part of the solution for twenty years. We're in business to address your special pallet management requirements.

If your materials handling operation doesn't always have the pallets it needs, in good condition, at the right time, in the right place, it's costing your company — in time lost, in damaged goods, in unnecessary pallet purchases.

Frank's Pallet Service can ensure that pallets will be there to keep goods moving safely and efficiently. FPS also arranges for repair or recycling of broken pallets. We handle the logistics of returns and exchanges of pallets between suppliers and customers. FPS manages pallets — and that frees you up to manage everything else.

Let us go to work for you, and create the best possible fit for your company's needs.

Call Frank's Pallet Service at 410-631-7199 or email us for more information and estimates.

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Frank's Pallet Service
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Suppliers of New & Recycled Pallets

Frank's Pallet Service
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